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Majken Connor majken at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 19:15:51 CET 2010

I want to reiterate I think it's really important to mock-up the layout
before we do any more design work.

Not all designs can fit with all layouts, and if we have to change a lot of
the design elements later, we've wasted these ladies' time and work.

Take for example the SUMO redesign. We had a very pretty design offered to
us, but they had chosen gray text for the main font (remember it's primarily
a wiki).

They also wanted to keep the search bar on the top of every page because
that's what they liked for their design. Then, because the search bar was so
prominent, they made the article title *even bigger.*  Everyone agreed that
it was too much space (you can see how it looked on my laptop, screenshot is
in the bug I will link to in a sec) but when initially asked to create a
sidebar search for Article pages they refused. This bug was eventually filed
and they basically just polished up the mock ups morgamic and I had made -
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=442182 (the bug has a lot of
tension in it, but that's because people had been arguing about this out of
bug for some time before).

Another example, SFx:

The old site was a mess, lots of important stuff, all added in. The design
was really nice http://www.flickr.com/photos/29142435@N08/3129748330/ but it
was impossible to find specific actions if you hadn't been there already.
You can see the 3 main blocks actually take the user away from joining SFx,
you have the community store, the download button, and pass it on - a page
where you fill out a form to email your friends about Firefox.

For the redesign first we mapped out the main interactions we wanted users
to have when getting to the site - sign up, contribute, become an
affiliate.  Which gave us the basis for a layout, 3 main areas that needed
to be prominent right at the start. You can see the design we settled on,
but you can see an alternate design here

Then the content pages have their own layout, which means the design needs
to be tweaked. If you go to SFx, AMO, SUMO you'll see they all have a very
different main page from the content pages in terms of layout, but the
design suits both. Navigation is important in all of them, and navigation is
a huge element in design. You can't just throw the navigation in anywhere
and have it suit, esp if we decide on permanent sidebar content like the
other sites.

It's possible these ladies don't mind making mockups with their design to
see how it works with many different layouts, but the design shouldn't
inform the layout, so it'd be unnecessary effort.

On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 8:15 AM, Delphine <delphine at mozilla-europe.org>wrote:

> Ok so from what I've gathered here's what we have for the moment:
> * 1 person prefers the Site mock-up (1st one)
> Miriam
> * 7 people prefer the Site Test mock-up (2nd one)
> Katarzyna, Gloria, Lucy (but has some suggestions also), Delphine,
> Kinouchou, Béatrice, Nastassia
> * 3 people don't like the "splatter" effect on both
> Julia, Céline, Worms
> Should we then start going in the Site-Test mockup's direction?
> Béatrice: do you maybe have any further mockups you wish to show us?
> Delphine
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