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On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 7:39 PM, Marcin Wasowski
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> On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 10:25, Nastassia Perrin
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> > 2010/1/26 Katarzyna Stawarz <kasia.stawarz at googlemail.com>
> >> Oh, and in case you started to doubt it, I really am a nice person ;)
> >
> > => I really doubt.. :p
> I can confirm, she really is ;)
> > To conclude, I have something to propose to you: it's a first survey.
> There
> > are mistakes. I will change what I can change right now. But we can work
> on
> > an other survey, and put it in line when every one find it perfect. This
> one
> > can help us to make the perfect one. I can give you from time to time
> > answers I already got, they can help us to build another survey.
> >
> > What do you think about that?
> Well, the risk is that you ruin your respondents base with suggestive
> questions. And that your next research can be biased by irrelevant
> answers from this survey, so you may start in direction that leads to
> the dead end.
> I would recommend to scrap it ASAP, if not possible to keep it low profile.
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Not just biased, but respondents offended by the questions will ignore any
new surveys. If this is the first introduction to WoMoz the risk could be
high in terms of prospective participants.

In the end though, mistakes will be made, and people will be (and certainly,
already have been) offended. I do think that most of our questions are
already answered somewhere out there, but I also think there are so many
sources out there that we may just end up arguing about which ones to use.

I am concerned that we're using this survey for lack of a better place to
start, but for lack of a better place to start, our own survey gives us
something to think about. I would vote for scrapping the survey, but would
still support conducting one if that's how people want to get started.

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