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I'd agree -- it may be worth considering, in fact, what women do to *each other* that may be negatively affecting the presence and contributions of women. I frequently see examples of women holding one another back because a woman doesn't meet another woman's standard of what a feminist is.


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In my experience many vocal women about women in OS like to talk about everything men are doing wrong, and how men are sexist and how men are intentionally repressing women. I was invited to do a panel on this topic myself and the other women invited backed out when I insisted I wanted to talk not about who's to blame, but on what women can do for themselves to make the situation better. This has also been the experience of other women and men I've talked to who have attended these types of sessions - it always devolves into some women insisting it's men's fault. 

Perhaps if you make it clear that you want to focus on what women can do for themselves (It is open source after all, a group of women could decide to make and market their own product) and how existing members of the development communities can support them, then you will find these men to be more receptive. 

I know I wouldn't want to attend a talk with strangers telling me about all these horrible things I'm doing (if I did I'd go to church ;-) ) 

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Le 25/01/10 17:05, Perline a écrit : 

I take it that the talks have to be in French, I guess? 

I've just checked with my colleagues and apparently the talks can be done in English too (they're translated) 

Yes this is not the problem; 

I proposed (a long time ago...) that a whole day, a whole topic should be "women and Free software". 
I still try. 

The problem is not to find topics and people during this day, it is to be accepted... 

So I pursue this aim, and I let you know. 
Whatever I can get, i come back here to discuss about it. 

I know a few different women who should love to participate, so the only problem is to get the maximum, at least a whole day for the first time. 

Thanks for your help. 
Ok so right now we're like at least 3 women who are able to come (Julia, Perline and me)! 
I can also try to find more by talking to some women that could be interested. 

We'll wait for your update Perline then :) 
Thanks for sharing this in any case. 


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