[Womoz] Why so few women? Leave or don't join in the first place?

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Wed Oct 14 09:00:42 CEST 2009

I recommand, as a first information, the Flosspols report (http://flosspols.org/).

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Le Mardi 13 Octobre 2009 21:33:59 Katarzyna Stawarz <kasia.stawarz at googlemail.com>, dans un message intitulé "[Womoz] 
Why so few women? Leave or don't join in the first place?" nous a informés :
> Hi
> On a Friday meeting in Paris (well, "meeting" is not a good word, but it
> does sound serious and fancy!) we were asked a really tricky question: are
> there so few women in open source because they leave quickly or because
> they never join in the first place? And it turned out that we didn't know
> the answer.
> That made me think so I suggested running a survey to check that. It was
> just a thought then but when I got back to the hotel that day I started to
> think even more about that and decided to materialize this idea. Being
> offline is sometimes a good thing because instead of watching lolcats or
> moronail I opened my text editor and wrote down some thoughts.
> In short: we should run a survey asking women (and men) in community (or
> local communities) what they think about all that stuff. Maybe we could
> also ask them to share their experiences (both good and bad - we need them
> all). Are there so few women because they leave (if yes - why?) or because
> they never join (if yes - why?). If we knew those answers, we could
> prepare plans for further actions, we would know what needs to be
> changed/started/ended. Is it because of sexism or because of lack of
> information? If it turned out women were leaving, we would need to examine
> the community, find where the bugs are and fix them. If women were not
> joining at all - we would need to focus on information, promotion,
> myth-busting and all that community work. At the moment, we only know
> there are few women here (around 15 on last MozCamp, out of 180 people if
> I'm not mistaken), but we don't know why.
> Of course we also need to do some research and check if there is any info
> about this available. Maybe other communities did that already? But even
> if there is something, I still think running a survey makes sense - we
> could focus on Mozilla only.
> Feel free to comment, change and modify the idea. I am not sure yet what
> questions should be asked, whether they should be open or just
> radio-button lists (or mix of both) and how this all should look like in 
> the
> end.
> Details (that was supposed to go to Wiki, but DokuWiki doesn't like me):
> "How many women leave the open source community, and how many never join
> it at all?"
> AIM:
> Find out why there are so few women in the project: are they leaving or
> are they are not joining at all?
> We could run a survey aimed at women involved in Mozilla/open source
> projects at present or in the past and those not involved at all. To reach
> more women those surveys could be translated by our localization teams and
> advertised as widely as possible.
> Rough points we would like to know:
> + for girls:
> - are you involved in any open source projects?
> - if not: why? if was but is not anymore: why? (need to prepare points to
> choose from, will be easier to analyze data later)
> - which projects?
> - if you left, what was the main reason? (lack of time? sexism? etc.)
> + for guys:
> - are you involved in any open source projects?
> - if yes: are there many women in your community? why?
> - which project is this?
> - do you know any women that were interested but left?
> - do you know any women that could be interested but never joined?
> - do you know how could we encourage them to return/join?
> - why do you think there are so few women in open source? (lack of time?
> sexism? lack of information - not aware they can participate? stereotypes?
> <add more>)
> - Do we want to focus on Mozilla or open source in general?
> - Is translating the survey a good idea? How do we analyze the data later?
> - What form of a survey do we need? ("choose option(s)" vs. open answers
> vs. both)
> - Is there a point in targeting men with this survey? Maybe we could run
> another one for the whole community but with different set of questions?
> Does it make sense?
> - the survey should be open for a long enough to gather a decent amount of
> data for analysis
> - Staś is reponsible for Community Surveys, he could be useful
> (investigate what exactly he does and whether we really need his help)
> - get in touch with people from Mozilla communities around the
> world/Europe, especially women
> - could prepare the surveys by the end of November (is that a reasonable
> amount of time?), gather data for 2 months (is that reasonable?), spend
> max. a month on analysing and drawing conclusions and based on the results
> prepare an action plan (and publish the results at some point, preferably
> with further steps that need to be taken to address survey's findings)
> - we could do a presentation on next MozCamp: that would be a year after
> the first "official" WoMoz meeting so that could be a good excuse for
> this, we could talk more about the WoMoz project itself, the survey and
> its results, and planned actions (and their results if there would be any
> by that time)
> - we need to have logo before the survey kick out ;) (if we ever decide 
> to start it that is)
> So, what do you think? :)

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